Midnight Kisses by Alexa Rivers

Book 1 in the Little Sky Romance series

Emily Parker has loved Justin Simons for years, but their timing was never right. The fact that he was engaged to her high school nemesis didn't help matters, either. But everything is different now. The other woman is out of the picture and it's finally time for Emily to make a move on the only man she's ever wanted. Surely she can convince him to open up his wounded heart once more… right?

The last thing Justin wants is love. He's been down that road before and has the emotional scars to prove it. The invite to his ex's wedding? Salt in the wound. But thankfully Emily is willing to be his plus one and help him prove to everyone in their small hometown that he's finally over his broken engagement. Now all he'll have to do is ignore his sudden and overwhelming attraction to the sweet, sexy woman who seems so determined to bring sunshine and joy into his life.

Can Emily convince the stubborn grump that love's worth the risk? Or will Justin let happiness–and Emily–slip through his fingers?

Author's Note: Friends to lovers. Opposites attract. Grumpy hero with a marshmallow heart. Quirky small town. Meddling friends and relatives. Sexy-times and sweet kisses. True love. Also, cats named after rugby players.

Each book in the Little Sky Romance series can easily be read as a standalone, and the books are linked so you can find out what's happening with your favorite characters.

“I loved this book! Read in one sitting. A rebound romance that starts on New Year's Eve and ends just the way you want it to, with a few bumps in between. You will love the ending.” ~ Goodreads reviewer