Love on the Sweet Side by Mariah Ankenman

Book 1 in the Peak Town, Colorado series

Maggie Evans is back in Peak Town, Colorado to take over her grandmother’s cupcake shop, but problems keep arising. Is it rotten luck…or something more nefarious? To top it off, her former best friend/childhood crush, Colton Denning, won’t leave her alone. He’s sexier than ever. But Maggie has no time for love.

When his best friend comes back into town all grown up, Colton finds his feelings for her go far beyond friendship. Unfortunately, the pretty baker only sees him as the town playboy. He plans to convince her otherwise, but may not get the chance when someone starts threatening Maggie's life.

Whether she likes it or not, Colton plans to take her safety into his own hands. How will Maggie keep her shop afloat with a madman after her? More importantly, how will she keep her heart intact when Colton admits her safety isn’t the only thing he wants in his hands?

“This story was just fabulous! There was the exact right amount of romance, humor, angst, mystery, and steam, to keep me glued to the digital pages.” – Up ‘Til Dawn Book Blog
“I would definitely buy this book and recommend it to my friends but I'd warn them to have a cupcake to go with it.” – Long and Short Reviews