Is This Me? by Tricia Copeland

Book 1 in the Being Me Series series

New student Amanda Avery would rather have her nose in a book than a drink in her hand. So when her best friend drags her to a frat party, she knows her GPA will appreciate the hot guy giving her the cold shoulder. But when their paths collide on the volleyball court, she’s left with a debilitating injury that jeopardizes her studies.

With her scholarship on the line, Amanda has no choice but to accept recovery aid from the same hottie who turned her down. Though she endeavors to keep up appearances, she struggles with academic pressure and a growing friendship with her dreamy caregiver. And it doesn’t help that his buddy is trying so hard to win her over…

Can Amanda survive the turmoil of college and come out with her heart intact?

Is This Me? is the first book in the fun and fresh Being Me clean new adult women’s fiction series. If you like believable characters, emotional coming-of-age stories, and sweet romance, then you’ll love Tricia Copeland’s poignant tale.

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“The book had me from the first sentence till the very last period. I was turning pages faster than I could just to get more into the story. Ms Copeland has a way with the story and these character's that make you want to join them in the college life.” – Jaci, Goodreads reviewer