Fog City Fraud by Peter Ralph

Book 1 in the A Josh Kennelly Gripping Crime Thriller series

In this gripping thriller, returned war hero Josh Kennelly gets a job in San Francisco but soon finds out that his employers are criminals fleecing the innocent.

Hiding a dark secret from Afghanistan, and racked with guilt, the last thing he needs is the unwanted attention that will come with exposing the racket.

Remaining anonymous gets more complicated when he falls in love with Georgie Evert, the daughter of one of the victims.

Despite the risks, Josh knows he has to stand up for what’s right and put his secrets and life on the line …

“From the cover to the blurb, and beyond into the story itself this book shines. The prose is free and easy; it carried, and educated me, in a seemingly effortless manner. I use the word “seemingly” on purpose to highlight how hard it is to create that effect.” – suziqn6 Amazon Reviewer