Beyond Tomorrow: An Action Thriller Novel by Leigh Vernon

Book 1 in the Justin Lakes Supernatural Thriller series

The path to one man’s destiny will wend its way through darkness.

In the aftermath of a civil war that ravaged America, West Michigan begins to rebuild, integrating the Powered to ensure that justice, at last, may prevail. Little does anyone know that mayor Sam Curry isn’t the war hero that he seems. With a scroll by his side, he aims to rule all, by bringing back a wicked beast that even the old gods fear.

Justin Lakes never dreamt he would big a part of something so big, and like the rest of the Powered, he’s honored to serve beside the woman who showed him his true calling. But fate has rather different plans. With Angie dead and someone else’s soul inside him, Justin is tasked to save the fledging world from evil forces.

A race against time now lies ahead, and staying alive will take great wits, as agents of darkness impend from all sides, rejoicing in destruction.

Will Justin find the fortitude to be a light for those in need? Humanity has but one hope to sidestep certain ruin..

“Thrilling, chilling, white-knuckle fun—a devilish delight!”

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