Araya's Addiction by Jocelyn Dex

Book 1 in the Sempire Seductions series

She’d rather die than embrace her demon nature.
He’d rather save himself than help her.
Addiction is a bitch.

When Kean wakes up naked, collared, and locked in a cell, he knows thinking with his dick has gotten him into trouble. To gain his freedom, he must save a demon’s life, but he has no intention of being some demon’s errand boy.

Araya is dying. Sure, the naked guy on the floor can save her, but she doesn’t want to be saved. Not by him. Not like that. No thanks. Upset by his eventual betrayal, she enacts a scheme to get him out of her life, but that scheme may awaken emotions that will bind them to each other forever.

“OMG! Jocelyn brings one exciting, fast paced, hard hitting, pulse racing, smooth flowing delight to life flawlessly. The trials and tribulations blast your swirling emotions into play for one incredible experience.” ~Amazon Reviewer