A Murder Moist Foul by Summer Prescott

Book 1 in the Frosted Love Cozy Mysteries series

A little competition never hurt anyone.
But it just might kill them.
Cupcake shop owner, Melissa Gladstone, is a hometown Southern gal, with a nose for clues and a talent for tasty cupcakes.
Missy’s hometown of LaChance, Louisiana is a sleepy southern berg, where everyone knows everyone, and where the townsfolk have been watching the rivalry between Missy Gladstone and Darryl ‘The Donut Man’ Davis for years. Both local proprietors vie fiercely for the morning coffee crowd, and it was well known that the two competitive folks weren’t exactly fond of each other. What the good people of LaChance never imagined is that one of them would become a murder victim. Life gets crazy, and a whole heap of trouble is stirred up in town, when The Donut Man is found dead in his shop.

Given the history of bad blood between Missy and Darryl, she’s an obvious choice for the perpetrator of the crime. Chas Beckett, LaChance’s handsome new homicide detective, has some serious questions for Missy and her loyal assistant Ben, and it’s up to Missy to figure out who the killer is before the two of them find themselves in jail.

Missy never fancied herself as an amateur sleuth, but this strong southern woman is not one to shrink from a challenge, so she dives headfirst into her own murder investigation, despite warnings from the hunky homicide detective. Will she solve the case? Or will she be the next victim?
Find out in this fast-paced Cozy Mystery!

This is a very quick read, but a very good read! It draws you into the mystery from the very beginning. There is no waiting around! ~ Amazon Reader