Travels of Quinn by Sasscer Hill

Abandoned by her mother, Quinn is raised into a life of crime by her father and the gypsy con artists known as Irish American Travelers.

Though Quinn can con with the best of them, she is conflicted about her crimes. Travelers leave school by the fifth or sixth grade and many resent that Quinn has educated herself with books. Erroneously, they believe she’s a snob, like her beautiful, educated mother, who they despised.

Arrested and jailed for theft, Quinn pays restitution by working on a horse farm. Unfamiliar with horses, her love for them surprises her. They make her hope for a better world. But the farm’s owner is brutally murdered and Quinn becomes the prime suspect.

On the run, Quinn uses every scam and con she knows to save herself. Can she find the real killer before she’s imprisoned for life or murdered because she knows too much?

“An intriguing coming of age story wrapped in a fast-paced murder mystery”-Robert Dugoni, New York Times Bestselling Author.