The Witch who Couldn't Spell by Katie Penryn

What do you do if you're a new witch in a new town, and your long-lost mother's locked up for murder?

Find the real killer – however dangerous that may be.

So far, Penzi's done well. She's qualified as a lawyer in London, despite her reading disability, and raised her two brothers on her own. But she doesn't have the skills needed to hunt down a murderer.

True Penzi's a witch, so she could use magic, and she does have her mother's Book of Spells, but she's hit a stumbling block. Try as she may, Penzi cannot decipher the grimoire's medieval script. She needs help desperately if she's to save her mother from a life in prison.

Will the High Council of the Guild of White Witches listen to her plea and allow her an assistant in time? Someone with supernatural powers of their own?

“A beautifully written story that has you engrossed not only in the murder mystery but also in the life of the family and the new community that they are now a part of.” – Amazon Reviewer