The Quiet Type by Summer Prescott

Sometimes the scariest boogeyman…
Is a woman.

Tim and Susannah have ordinary lives on the surface..
.He’s a mortician for whom death is a serious business.
She’s a chef who really knows her way around a knife.
If the neighbors in their small Midwestern town knew the nature of Susannah's sinister hobby, they’d run for the hills.

Family life was a bubbling cauldron of criticism and self-loathing that paved the way for some seriously sadistic coping mechanisms. Susannah was a serial-killer-in-the-making, long before she met mild-mannered Tim, and learned to channel her murderous impulses into a strange form of art, which keeps her clueless husband safe…for now.

As Susannah’s eccentric behavior becomes more dynamic, and bodies come into the mortuary with bizarre similarities, Tim starts to wonder about his wife. Will he be too perceptive for his own good?

This twisted serial killer thriller will instantly sear your psyche and rattle your soul. Buckle up, you’re in for a terrifying ride.

“Prescott's prose borders on eloquent when describing the macabre actions and ruminations of serial killer Susannah Eckels. The novel also is rife with dark humor to provide much-needed comedic relief.” – Editorial review.