The Lady Sitting Opposite by Colum Dain

Bored on his daily commute to the office, Martin notices the woman sitting opposite. He tries not to stare but can’t help it. There’s something about her that he just can’t put it into words.

The next day, she’s sat there again. Once more, he sneakily looks at her classy features, her elegant posture, her whole demeanour the very definition of an elegant lady. Somehow, she didn’t seem the type to be on this crammed train carriage.

Martin begins to have vivid dreams – nightmares – about being killed. Like an out-of-body experience, he views himself from above, standing at the usual traffic lights on the usual busy road when suddenly he’s thrust into the speeding traffic.

Consumed by this repeating nightmare, he tries to understand what this can all mean. Is he simply stressed? Or is it a real premonition?

Unable to go to the police – who’d simply laugh at the ridiculous notion of a premonition – Martin takes matters into his own hands before…

“Wow! Just read it.” ARC reviewer.
“Totally gripping!” ARC reviewer.
“The twist blew me away.” ARC reviewer.