Scarlet by Andrew Stopyra

It’s 1925.

Scarlet Haslewood is a con artist.

Besides perfectly baked pastries and strong coffee, she has a fondness for stealing things. But she knows that stealing the most famous painting in the world would be pointless. After all, what can you do with it once the world finds out it’s missing? Hide it in your closet? She’d rather use that space for her hat collection.

So instead of stealing the Mona Lisa, Scarlet’s going to sell it.

But who is Scarlet Haslewood? How did she become a lying thief in the first place?

And can a stranger on a train and a simple twist of fate change the life of a woman who twists the truth for a living?


More than just a good caper, Scarlet is the origin story that kicks off a new series: The Haslewood Mysteries.


Set in 1920’s Europe, The Haslewood Mysteries follows the exploits of con artist Scarlet Haslewood as she employs her wit and charm to sniff out and stop other cons, grifters, and unsavory individuals. From Paris to the Riviera, London to Istanbul, join her for this fresh take on the historical/cozy mystery genre that should appeal to anyone who enjoys vivid descriptions, rich character development, and clever plot twists. (And the finest French pastries, of course.) Pick up Book 1 today and get to know Scarlet's backstory before Book 2 arrives June 13th!

“This is a clean, engaging, thrilling, must-read book. I loved it from beginning to end… not often does a book so fully captivate me! Five shining stars!” ~Goodreads reviewer.