No Safe Haven by Chad Bishop

“You’re losing your edge, Simone.”
Or is she?

Everything…everyone, important to Simone Johnson is…gone.
Not even their bodies remain—a fact that has her on high alert and ready to take action.

Grasping at clues and refusing to take the accident that took her family at face value,
Simone searches for answers. But when the clandestine group she works for—an agency that specializes in domestic threats—turns against her and her search for answers, she’ll be in a fight for her life.

There are no laws they won’t break.
No person who is safe.
And when they send another agent after her, she’ll have only herself to rely on.

If thrilling clues and fast-paced intrigue is just what you need to get your heart pumping again, then this domestic thriller is just for you.

“There's no where to hide when Simone Johnson is on the case.” – Booksprout ARC reveiwer