Killer Bait by Martina Dalton

Social media expert Clarity Bloom is loving her job at a high-tech gadget corporation in Seattle—that is, until her BFF Janice turns up dead.

Much to the chagrin of her brother, Zen, a homicide detective, Clarity throws caution to the wind and jumps into the investigation with both feet.

Zen’s ultra-handsome detective partner, Hunter, encourages Clarity to learn self-defense—especially since she’s getting closer to discovering who the killer is. Using her social media sleuthing skills, she sets out to bait the murderer.

Is she clever enough to entrap the killer? Or will she end up as the catch of the day?

I had trouble putting this book down. I love the mix of mystery, intrigue and comedy. Clarity is truly hilarious and seems more like a best friend than a character in a book. I rooted for her as she tries to keep her love life (or there lack of) under control, I teared up as she learns details of her murdered friend, and I laughed when sometimes her antics and pride get her into trouble. And her family is truly insane!!! I can't wait for the next book!!!!
— Amazon Reviewer