Cloudy With A Chance of Murder by Nan O'Berry

Well known weatherman, Tate Dawson, dies in the middle of his broadcast. While his colleagues are stunned. It quickly becomes apparent there is no love lost between Tate and his anchor team.
Chloe Masterson, wife of Seaboard’s acting Police Chief, Joshua Masterson, feels she has the world by the tail. A newlywed, she finally feels she has lived up to the role of the perfect daughter and now plans to transform herself in the perfect wife. When Tate Dawson turns up dead, her husband leads the investigation.
Chloe’s well-manicured life turns upside down when her younger sister Raine Williams becomes one of the suspects. How will it look if the Chief of Police’s sister-in-law committed murder? She must help her husband find the real killer and prove her sister was not involved.
Yes, in a small town like Seaboard, nothing stays hidden for long.

This mystery was totally different from the romance stories Ms. O’Berry usually writes, but just as good. It looks like it might be the start of a series and I certainly hope so because I loved it! Sandra J. Fehr