Titania Rises by Tricia Copeland

Fifteen-year-old Titania passes her days walking the woods and collecting crystals from the brook. But when anchor crystals are taken from the Faerie Ring, even the high stone walls of the castle won’t protect her.

Ordered to stay safe from harm within the castle gates, Titania brainstorms a solution for catching the mutant Kobold plaguing her kingdom with her new guard Foster. If the anchors aren’t found in time the ring will fail. With no link to the above, they’ll be left in the dark without sunlight or water from Upper Earth. Further, they’ll be vulnerable to the creatures below.

Can she and her new friend stop the Kobold and find the crystals before darkness descends?

Titania Rises is an action-packed short YA fantasy story. If you like fearless heroines, you’ll love Tricia Copeland’s thrilling tale.

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“Titania is an inspiring and sweet character. Fun short story.” – Newsletter subscriber