Starstruck Love by Beth Beaumont

I love food, fashion, and my gbf. I’m happy living in my cute little pink trailer, writing my blog and building my foodie audience. My introverted world is a comfy place, but I’m not afraid to get out there among the rich and shameless to get a juicy story.
I meet the hottest movie star on the planet, and he claims to be down-to-earth.
I don’t trust him for a second – I’ve been burned before – but when he shows me his shy side, my defenses crumble…along with my common sense.

Women don’t actually like me, they like the heroes that I play on the big screen. I’ve been used and abused by every kind of crazy out there, and I swear I’m done with relationships. Then I meet this chick who’s completely unfazed by the fact that I’m on film. Her indifference is sexy as hell, and I’ll do anything to get to know her better.
I come up with a plan where she has to pretend to be my girlfriend, thinking that she’ll warm up to me eventually, and it backfires in the worst possible way.
It won’t take an acting job to show my sweet Cara how I feel. She’s going to see the real me, and hopefully she likes it.
Starstruck is the Sweet, Steamy, Rocking-Hot, Alpha Male, BBW, Romance Novella that you’ve been looking for!
The instant attraction and smokin’ hot love scenes will leave you begging for more!

“I could not put it down!” BF Reader