Of Witches and Vampires by Tricia Copeland

Lilith enjoyed many comforts in her life with Adam, but contentment evaded her. Desperate for companionship, she flees Eden betraying her covenant with God. Faced with being stripped of her powers, she accepts a sentence of never knowing the beauty of a marriage.

One handsome stranger, then another weave into her life bringing her love and contentedness for a time. Each leaves Lilith with very different children. Her first, like their father are fast and strong, with superior senses. The next set take after Lilith and her second love that, like her, possesses ethereal abilities.

Can she raise these two lines in harmony? Or are they destined to destroy one another?

Of Witches and Vampires is a short paranormal prequel to the Kingdom of the Damned in the Kingdom Journals Series. If you like fresh takes on vampire and witch lore, you’ll love Tricia Copeland’s free story.

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“An amazing story! I enjoyed this story immensely – it was compelling and the main character is genuine and engaging. Well done!” – Noelle, Goodreads