What Could Be (Everyday Love Book 1) by Jaycee Weaver


Nursing student Brynn Easton’s overachieving nature makes giving God control over her goals, dreams, and compulsive lists a constant challenge, but she’s trying. Between school, her increasingly absentee but otherwise perfect boyfriend, Caleb, and a childcare job she adores, her full life feels on track. But then she gets to know the charming single father of the most lovable boy she’s ever taught.

After the birth of his son, Josh Davis rededicated himself to God and has worked hard to get his life together. He’s avoided dating, but Brynn draws him in like no one else. Problem is, he can’t seem to find the nerve to make a move. Not that someone as sheltered and sweet as her would ever go for someone like him, anyway.

Can they move their friendship beyond past choices and pain and figure out what it truly means to walk in God’s will for their lives—especially when finding love and forever doesn’t look like they think it should?

“a very sweet love story about imperfect people finding each other in an imperfect world.” – reviewer FarmerGal
“I absolutely loved this book!” – reviewer Katy