Tree of Souls (A Collection of Dark Tales) by Brett McKay


Eleven stories of horror, dark fiction and fantasy that will take the reader into worlds where a centuries old hanging tree feeds on the living, and a Lovecraft inspired tale of a mad genius opens a portal to another world filled with hideous creatures, and a pretentious traveling salesman is haunted by ghosts who have come to make him pay for the sins of his past.

In “Broken City”, a young man living life on the dangerous edge of drugs and violence is tracked by demons with a hideous agenda. In “The Lake”, a widowed man seeks solace during a two-week retreat in a cabin, but what lies hidden in the lake is about to wash ashore, and propel him into solving a mystery that will unearth unimaginable horrors.

Finally, “Deadman's Pass” plunges you into an old western town, where a sheriff is tasked with rescuing a carriage of innocent people trapped in a winter blizzard, but the cold is the least of his worries. The beasts waiting in the dark and howling at the moon are hungry.

“Deliciously dark. The short stories were creepy, disturbing and downright scary.” – Amazon Reviewer