The Stones of Resurrection by Tameri Etherton


For thousands of seasons Aelinae has been a peaceful world, since the Great War that saw the banishment of the god Kaldaar, and the imprisonment of his brother.

But now Aelinae’s peace is threatened as an ancient prophecy predicting the return of the Eirielle, the one who is and who is not, blazes to life.

Rhoane battled his demons and accepted his role in Aelinae’s future. Now, it’s up to him to guide Taryn, a woman raised on Earth without any knowledge of her family, her power, or of his place in her life. He must find a way to gain her trust, and her love, or Aelinae will be lost.

Everything Taryn knew was a lie. Yet something about the strange new world of Aelinae feels true. Even Rhoane, a man she remembers without knowing why. She’ll need to accept his help if she’s to learn the ways of this dangerous and magical world.

Evil lurks in the hearts of the Brotherhood and it’s been waiting a long time for Taryn’s return.

“The complexity of the fantasy world of several kingdoms is formidable. Etherton doesn't just create another place but an integration of many societies, each with its own traditions and mores.” -Karen Walpole, Reader's Favorite ★★★★★ Stars