The Highwayman's Bite by Brooklyn Ann


When Vivian Stratford ruins her reputation by challenging a suitor to a duel, she is packed off to her great uncle’s estate until the scandal blows over. On the way, her carriage is stopped by a rakish highwayman. Vivian unsheathes her rapier and duels with the thief. He steals a kiss before disappearing into the night.

Rogue vampire, Rhys Berwyn, robs carriages to help his mortal descendants pay the mortgage on their farm. Sadly, he cannot steal enough to pay off the massive debt owed to the Lord Vampire of Blackpool, and time is running out before his family will be evicted.

When Rhys discovers that the beautiful swordswoman he encountered is none other than Blackpool’s niece, he abducts her and holds her for ransom for the money to save the family farm.

While he keeps Vivian tucked away in a seaside cave, Rhys has trouble keeping his promise to leave his delectable hostage untouched.

“I really enjoyed this book. It was two of my favorite subgenres of romance–historical and paranormal–all woven together. We still had our not-exactly-proper lady being weighed down by the rules of society, but we also had an intriguing hero who is sort of a villain too. Despite how it might sound, it wasn't complicated. But it sure was fun.” -Up ‘Til Dawn Book Blog