The Cedar Tree by Heather Reyburn


Would you accompany your husband to a run down, sun scorched sheep and cattle station in outback Queensland to save your marriage?

Grace Campbell agrees to do just that, buoyed by the belief that isolation and rural peace will repair her marriage and provide a good life for her growing family.

But, as the ramshackle old homestead, shaded by an ancient Cedar Tree, unravels it’s secrets, Grace is swept up in the harsh beauty of the outback and its colourful characters. As if adjusting to a new and isolated lifestyle isn’t enough, the handsome new owner of Tullagulla shows up and Grace is thrown into turmoil.

Torn between the gentle stranger and her hot-headed husband, Grace is forced to confront her feelings and question her loyalties, while her love for Tullagulla further challenges her ability to make a life changing decision.

When tragedy strikes, will a century old ghost help her or destroy her?

“The Cedar Tree is a sweeping story of outback life and the every day struggles of life on the land. The characters are raw and relatable. I can't wait to read more in this series.” Sarah Williams, Bestselling Author.