Rescuing the Bad Boy by Anna Catherine Field


He’s one court date away from ruining his life.

She’s the one person that can help him.

And she loathes him.

Can he redeem himself enough to make her believe he’s changed?

Griffin McGuire is lucky Judge “Last Chance” Jones sees something in the twenty-four-year-old dog-flipper.

Something that makes him want to give the guy one more shot at turning his life around.

That’s why the Judge orders Griffin to enter Redemption House for thirty days. He’ll have to face his demons and work at Maverick Farms—an animal rescue—run by Mave Frayer—animal lover and advocate.

Mave loves animals more than people—they’re less likely to let you down.

When Griffin finds out that Mave’s hands aren’t exactly clean, and how far she’ll go to protect the animals she loves and cares for—he realizes there’s more to the woman in control of his future.

And Mave’s not sure what to do about the man who’s willing to risk his freedom to help her with her cause.

How far are they willing to go to protect the things they care about? And will it blow Griffin’s last chance at freedom?

“Let me first say I love Anna Catherine Field's books. They are such sweet romances and they never disappoint. Her characters are so likeable and relatable.” – Amazon Reviewer