Dragon Mage by Tameri Etherton


It's been seven years since Amaleigh failed to assassinate her best friend and she’s been on the run. Jumping from world to world where she never quite fits in, all she truly wants is to stop running and find a place to call home. And maybe finally be kissed by someone who doesn’t leave her feeling indifferent. To say love doesn’t come easily for her is an understatement. Unlocking her cold, dead heart might be a start to unleashing her inner dragon, but that would mean trusting another and there’s only one person she’s ever trusted—the same man she couldn’t kill.

Prince Gwilym knows he shouldn’t risk Amaleigh’s life by asking for help, especially since he’s the reason she had to escape Eidyn. They grew up together as best friends, innocent in the knowledge it was Gwilym’s father who murdered her family and left her an orphan to live on the streets. Now his life is in peril and she’s the only person he trusts. He wouldn’t blame her for not daring to return to the city that celebrated the slaughter of her kind and cast her aside.

Time’s running out for Gwilym and his father. Amaleigh’s future hangs in the balance.

Can she survive the very place her parents were murdered, or will palace intrigues claim another victim? If she fails Gwilym, she might lose her chance to come to terms with her past, and open her heart.

Forced to make a desperate choice, she must put aside her hatred for the man who murdered her family and sentenced her to a life of crime and loneliness. Dare she risk everything and return to the one place she tried desperately to forget?

To save those she loves, she must become the Dragon Mage the king fears most.

“Loved this book! Twist after twist kept the pages turning, and I stayed up way too late reading.” Amazon Reviewer