Cookies and Curses by Rosie Pease


A matchmaking baker for the living and the dead.

Joanie Sunevall has never been wrong when it comes to love. Since moving to Heartwood Hollow four years ago, she’s gotten twelve couples together. Her knack for matchmaking is only one reason why rumors swirl through the small town about her being a witch. The other is the belief she bakes magic into her treats. If only the townspeople knew about her ability to see ghosts, but that’s one secret Joanie doesn’t want discovered.

Joanie’s not a witch, at least she doesn't think so, although she plays into the rumors to sell more baked goods. And she loves helping people find who they’re meant to be with. When spirits interfere with the blossoming romance between Rich and Ashley, two of her regular customers, Joanie is put to the test.

She must decide what’s more important, fighting for true love or protecting her secret.

Ghosts, it’s time to meet your baker.

Cookies and Curses is the first full novel in the Matchmaker's Grimoire series.

“A different outlook on the whole witchy, seeing ghosts concept. A bit like a genealogical sleuth mixed in with matchmaking and salted with general witchcraft.” ~Krystyna, Amazon Reviewer