BBQ, Bikers, and Murder by Summer Prescott


One folded flag…
…and the man she vowed to spend her life with was gone.
Could she survive as a single mom?
Her husband was supposed to come back, but now Rossalyn must rebuild and raise their son alone. Leaving their old life behind, she takes 13-year old Ryan cross-country to the small town where she grew up.
On the road trip home, she makes a discovery.
An old building on Main Street catches her eye and sparks an idea. There’s just something about it. Rossie knew immediately that it would be a perfectly charming place for a business…but what kind? When Ryan brought home a library book on bacon, her course was set. She had to open a BBQ and bacon café, and call it Hawg Heaven. Her late husband would have loved it.
Things are not quite as sweet as they seem in the small town, however.
A body is found behind her new business, which spurs a string of unfortunate events that pushes Rossie to the edge.
Who is the menacing biker that shows up at the oddest times?
Why does the sheriff have a chip on his shoulder?
Rossalyn never expected to become an amateur sleuth, but if she doesn’t figure out whodunit, the sheriff may try to pin the murder on her. Are she and Ryan next on the killer’s list? Will she figure out the clues in time?
You’ll love this emotional roller coaster of a Cozy Mystery, because every good murder needs a tough-as-nails woman to get to the bottom of it.
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“Strong characters, powerful emotions and an engrossing murder plot make this a must read on everyone's list. The story line and characters pull you in and take you for a roller coaster ride.” ~ Amazon reviewer