Bailey and the Bad Boy by R. Linda


It’s the last day of school, and everyone is excited for the big summer leading up to our senior year. I was too…until my heart was ripped out of my chest.

As if getting dumped wasn’t bad enough, I’m forced to endure the humiliation of witnessing my ex-boyfriend flaunt his new girl—who also happens to be my now ex-best friend—all over town. Double whammy.

Now I’m the pathetic ex-girlfriend left gutted, heartbroken, and nose deep in a bucket of ice cream. I’m doomed to spend the summer sulking over a guy who thought I was predictable and bad in bed.

So, when I get an offer guaranteeing me some well-deserved payback, of course I’m going to take it. Besides, the plan is simple. Pretend like I’m dating Ryder, the town’s popular bad boy, and make my ex wallow in a pit of jealousy and regret. It’s perfect.

I mean…what could possibly go wrong?

“Ryder is the hot bad boy you've always wanted to date. Piercings. Tattoos. super protective. If you love YA and you haven't read Bailey and the Bad Boy, what are you doing!?!? There's enough drama and angst to have you throwing your Kindle and begging R. Linda for more.” – USA Today Bestselling Author, Parker S. Huntington