A Stone in Time by Kim Allred


AJ Moore climbs to the top of the rocky cliff, and panting hard, rolls over to stare at the gulls circling in the sky. She thrills in the rush, so happy to be back to her old self. Almost. There are still fences to be mended with her family. And if she could only find her reclusive muse, the last piece of her life puzzle—getting her career as a reporter back on track—would fall into place.
When a two-hundred-year-old ship materializes through the fog, AJ sets out to unravel its mystery. Her investigation is hampered by the ship’s single passenger—the enigmatic sea captain.
Finn Murphy tires of his mission. He never imagined the journey in a foreign land would last so long, or that his only hope to return home relied on him finding an elusive stone necklace. With his goal within reach, and barely staying one step ahead of an adversary, he can’t fathom how everything could go so wrong.
At the heart of it all—one woman stands in his way.
One simple news story will change AJ’s life forever and throw her into a journey that reshapes everything she thought she knew about herself. An adventure that will teach her that life isn’t about goals and career. It’s about family, loyalty, and trust. Finding love was purely accidental.

“This is a captivating story! The atmosphere is richly evocative and well rendered, and the characters are brought to life beautifully!” InD’tale Magazine.