Guilty? by Christer Tholin

Stockholm: From one day to the next, 16-year old Hanna just vanishes without a trace. Her worried parents hire detectives Lars and Elin to find their daughter. The two of them do just that and very quickly. However, Hanna’s problems are far from over – she is trapped in the clutches of a “loverboy”. Just a couple of months later, the two private detectives are asked to help once again, because now Hanna is facing a much more serious issue. This difficult assignment pushes everyone involved to their limits …

GUILTY? is the fourth, standalone book from Christer Tholin’s Stockholm Sleuth Series.


Read an Excerpt:

Ali steered the Audi into the fast lane. Finally, now he could make good time. He was on his way to Södertälje, he had to show his face to his folks again. He hoped Hanna would survive the evening by herself. After all, he couldn't always babysit her. Damn, such shit. He almost had her there, she was already eating out of his hand. And then, suddenly, her parents showed up. Who could have guessed that they would hire a private detective? They weren't that fond of Hanna – at least that's what she claimed. At first, he had thought that Hanna had contacted her parents or that Klara, and that is why they showed up at his door. But Hanna had been as surprised as he had been and had even asked her parents how they had found her. Private detectives – he couldn't believe it. But at least this proved that he could count on Hanna, she had not betrayed him. That was something.

He accelerated, finally he was allowed to drive faster. The Audi sped ahead; Ali loved that feeling. For a while he had toyed with the idea of getting a TT, but he thought the interior was just too small. From the outside it looked super cool, but if you wanted to invite a few more chicks, it was simply incredibly tight. Nah, the RS5 was just right, exactly his thing.

Now he could start from scratch again with the bitch. He had spent the entire day yesterday trying to get her back on track. He'd probably lose a minimum of two weeks, if not three. Fucking shit, how much time had he already invested? And now this setback. Mehmed was already complaining about when he was finally going to let the horse run. He wanted more dough so they could have a blast. He was right, Ali had been way too patient with her. On the other hand – if he had taken the next step earlier and then the parents had shown up? No, that wouldn't have worked at all, she would probably have run for home. This way, he could get her back on the track and then slowly tighten the screws. Everything was fine.

The sweetest thing of all was that her old man had actually guaranteed Ali's success. Initially he had been very calm and had let his wife do the talking. Ali had already seen his plans going up in smoke. But then her father got angry and started screaming. And when Hanna had responded with a snotty reply, the old man had lost it and immediately socked her one. Ali had been so pleased about that; he could hardly contain himself. Hahaha. He still had to laugh now. How stupid could you be? After that, Hanna ran into the bathroom and locked herself in there. The old man had been ranting and threatening to call the police, but Hanna had stood her ground. No, she was never coming home. If the police came for her, she would run away again the next day. Ali almost jumped for joy. The old man drove her even deeper into his arms, it was just awesome.

Damn, couldn't the idiot with his shitty Ford get out of the way? There were three lanes to choose from and this fucker had to block the fast lane. Ali couldn't tailgate any closer, wasn’t that idiot looking in his rear-view mirror? Finally, he changed to another lane. Ali stepped on the gas pedal.

He wasn't sure yet how to proceed. It wasn't good that the parents now knew where Hanna was. Maybe they did call the police. Sure, Hanna would certainly come back, but once the cops had been there, hell man, that was stressful. Perhaps if he took her to another apartment, it would be safer. A new cell phone and a bit of caution, then even the detective wouldn't find her. But the sensitive bitch felt so comfortable in his apartment, he might end up wasting time going somewhere else. Ah, shit, either way he was doing it, it was a risk. He had to talk to Mehmed. Although he was often too reckless, it would be good to know what he would do in his situation. After all, he'd been playing this game for a while longer.

He was up to 100 now, it felt good. Although there was a speed limit of 65, the police hardly ever came here, because the traffic was mostly too congested for them to catch anybody. Ali accelerated again and passed a Tesla, so cool.

This morning he had sex with her again, he did it with her once a day. She had to be broken in properly, he was all up for that, hehe. She wasn't particularly pretty, but she was a young girl. Her body was firm and slender, the skin was soft, unfortunately she didn't have much in the way of boobs. Anyway, with enough make-up, sexy clothes and the right lighting, she still looked very enticing. They had done this many times before; at first, she had been reluctant, but now she liked it more and more. Like he said, she was almost there. Shit, he'd get through a few more weeks. He would listen to what Mehmed had to say, but somehow another apartment seemed safer to him. He would get his little pony running there, too. When it really kicked off, he would need several places anyway. After all, it wasn't supposed to go on in his home. Yes, he breathed a sigh of relief. A little sprint at 110 mph helped him clear his mind. That's when he made the best decisions. He would send the kid a sweet text message, then she would be pacified tonight, and he could relax with his family.

Crap, a truck swerved to overtake, he had to hit the brakes. Why did they pass here? He flashed his lights, but the stupid driver in front wouldn't even notice. Either way, it didn't matter, he was almost there, and he'd made his decision.