Witch's Heart by Valia Lind


Welcome to Hawthorne. A town. A home. A sanctuary. It's a land of magic, where traditions run deep. Governed by an ancient coven, it's a place where supernaturals and humans can live in peace. Until now.

A powerful witch and a reader, Krista has finally met her match in Nolan: the first person she can't read. A shifter hiding a secret, he's come to help the witches with their problem.

The town of Hawthorne is under attack. With the threat of the ancient evil hanging over their heads, these two unlikely forces must join together as they go to war.

Fighting their attraction to each other may be difficult, but it's nothing compared to the darkness threatening to destroy their small town and their way of life.

Who will prevail?

Please note: Witch's Heart can be listened to as a stand-alone!

“I love the characters and magic. I just couldnt put this book down. I had to know what was going to happen.” – Amazon Review