The Escape Series (Books 1 – 3): Getting Lei'd, Cruising for Love, and Island Hopping by Ann Omasta


Recipe for a must-listen rom-com series: Start with a jilted bride, a reality show starlet, and a workaholic. Add in a crazy grandma, picturesque island settings, and three handsome heroes. Listen and enjoy!

Getting Lei'd: Jilted nearly-at-the-altar by text message. Honeymooning with her grandma. The resort's bartender may look like Jason Momoa, but Roxy is not interested.

Cruising for Love: A reality TV show looking for ratings. Kardashian wannabes on a cruise ship. What could possibly go wrong? Get swept away with Ruthie as she searches for true love on reality television.

Island Hopping: Lizzie is the workaholic everyone loves to hate. Shay is perfectly content basking on the beach. Can these two polar opposites find enough common ground to let their undeniable spark of attraction ignite?

These beach (or wishing you were at the beach) listens are loaded with opposites attracting, humor, and second chances at romance. Escape into them today.

“One of the best rom-coms I have ever read. Who needs sleep when there is something this good to do (read) instead?” – Mary, Vine Voice Amazon Reviewer