Saving Miss Everly by Sally Britton


Pretending to be her sister, Hope Everly finds an adventure, at last. The Caribbean's warm waters and tropical islands fulfill nearly all her dreams. When an excursion to visit another island with a naturalist expedition is interrupted by a storm, Hope is stranded on a desert island where she and her fellow castaways are dependent on a handsome stranger for their survival.

Alejandro Córdoba, trapped and alone on the island long enough to give up all dreams of rescue, knows nothing of what has become of his war-torn homeland or his family. When he finds the beautiful Miss Everly washed up on the shore, along with her companions, he does not know if their arrival is a blessing or a curse.

Hope's behavior, acting one way with Alejandro and another with her friends, further confuses things when they begin to fall in love. If rescue ever comes, will telling Alejandro the truth mean losing him forever?

I LOVED this book. It was so fun seeing proper England in a deserted island setting! And I think Hope is one of my favorites. Her spunk and fire add so much to the book! Definitely recommend it! The narrator did a FANTASTIC job! The accents and characters were perfect! – Amber on Audible