Magic Remembered by Coralie Moss


Fresh off a divorce, Calliope Jones is suddenly charged with finding a killer. But the out of practice earth witch wants to know how she's supposed to solve a magical crime with a duct-taped wand, why anyone would want to hurt the Hidden Folk–and why does her dating app keep sending her mountain lion shifters?

The goddess, Iduun is counting on Tanner Marechal to deliver a sacred gift. But the full-time druid and part-time detective has an ex who believes the gift is hers and that anything other than utter devotion is subject to destruction. Including the druid and his new partner.

Will Calliope help him solve the murders–or will the inquisitive witch cause him even more trouble? And could she be the key that protects his hallowed treasure and maybe even saves his life?

“The enchanting cover is a perfect portent of what lies within. A heady mix of magic, sensuous chemistry, and family bonds- the ones that bind and the ones that come back to choke us.” – YS Santos