Huntress: Life After Book 1 by Julie Hall


Death was only the beginning.

I had a lot to learn the day I woke up in the afterlife. Never mind that my memories had been erased, but being assigned as a demon hunter, um . . . yeah, I don’t think so. Despite my hazy recollections, it was painfully clear physical activity and I weren’t on speaking terms.

Making my supernatural headache worse was my infuriating trainer, Logan. Sparks flew between us immediately—the kind created by our swords and personalities as we clashed in and out of the training center.

Just when I thought my life—or rather, afterlife—was all punch, stab, rinse and repeat, I found myself the wielder of the most powerful sword in existence. Sure, it might be cool to ash demons with a single swipe of my weapon, but now Satan is gunning for me. Logan is the only one I can turn to for help, but the guy has secrets. Until I figure out what they are, I might just be on my own.

Now I have a growing list of things I wish I’d known about the afterlife:

1. You’d better love your job, because there are no take-backs.
2. Demons' favorite tasty snacks just happen to be dead folk.
3. And above all, you need to be careful who you lip-lock with . . . no comment on why I know that one is important.

My name is Audrey Lyons, and my afterlife is shaping up to be a hot mess and a half.

Fans of The Mortal Instruments, Supernatural, and Buffy, won’t want to miss this epic story of unfailing love and adventure.

“The romance is sweet, mysterious, frustrating, and perfect! With fantastic world-building, Julie Hall has created an interesting and desirable afterlife. I love the unique take on angels, demons, and the life after death. Characters are likable: Audrey, flawed and confused, but also filled with untapped strength; Logan, strong and swoon-worthy.”
– Jaymin Eve , USA Today bestselling author of A Walker Saga and Supernatural Academy series