Damage Inc. by Brett McKay


“Imagine supernatural assassins who kill their victims be creating their worst fears…now imagine they're after you!”

Link Balsey is working on a better life for himself after making stupid mistakes that cost him his long-time girlfriend of five years and turns his focus into his carpet cleaning business and best friend, Dante. When he arrives at the mansion of his next customer, he's instantly attracted to the woman of the house, Becca Falco. She continues to order services from him over the next three days, and she's as into him as he is her.

The only thing in the way is her abusive husband who happens to be a mob boss. He's got connections to assassins and the police, and as his suspicions of their affair escalates, Link realizes it's either kill or be killed. But hiring Damage Inc., a company of demon hitmen from a parallel world, could be opening Pandora's box and unleashing a string of nightmares come to life that may be impossible to put back.

“Thrilling page turner. This thriller pulled me in from the beginning and I was surprised at how original the story is. The whole story has a fast pace, but the ending is nonstop and has several twists. It all came together to make one really good page turner.” – Bizzaro93