A More Christlike Way by Bradley Jersak


In this follow-up book to A More Christlike God, after deconstructing four counterfeit ways, Jersak explores seven facets of the Jesus Way.
Christ’s radical revelation of true humanity beckons us, “Would you be human? Take up your cross and follow me.”
A More Christlike Way is a book for our time, where so much of what is called Christianity has been hijacked to serve agendas that are decidedly un-Christlike.
A More Christlike Way sets forth a vision for following Jesus that is in keeping with the kind of faith that first turned the world upside down two thousand years ago.

An amazingly profound approach to the problem of what to do with the “angry God” image so many people have. Written from a perspective rarely heard in the church in the US today, it is well worth the read. Jersak is in the cutting edge of a new movement to let the Jesus of the Gospels define who God really is.
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