The Novel Approach by Heather Guimond

Sometimes the most novel approach to love comes when we least expect it…

A lot can happen at a book convention, but for a conservative romance author like me, things remained fairly predictable.

Until the unofficial king of smut crashed into my life, leaving sparks— and our luggage flying around us

I had never heard of the illustrious Gage Blackstone, but after two seconds in his presence, my mind was conjuring up scenes that wouldn’t make it into my sweet stories.

He was worldly, gorgeous and his eyes promised naughty things to come. Things I never knew I wanted.

My annoying inner vixen is begging to be set free, but it's going to take a whole lot of charm, wit, and patience from Gage to convince me to hand over control.

There’s also the matter of his “super-fan” standing in the way… how far will she go to keep us from going all the way?

“They are electrifying together, and their story has everything, it’s fun, invigorating, chemistry off the charts and a little suspense to keep you turning the pages. Loved it and can’t wait for what’s next in this series. I highly recommend this book.” -Kindle Reader