Puppy Loves by Summer Prescott

If you like Hallmark movies, you’re going to love this heartwarming book.
Snuggle up with your cocoa, your best furry friend, and a warm blanket.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll love Puppy Loves!

Big city, small town girl.
Will she triumph, or will corporate giants defeat her?

Jessy Blanchard moved to the city, against her parents’ wishes, and in spite of her better judgment. She’s been struggling for years now, and if she doesn’t get the next account that comes in the door, she may very well get fired…right before Christmas.
Doctor Andrew Marshall is a veterinarian with a heart of gold, who has sunk everything that he has into a no-kill rescue shelter. When a land developer yanks his lease, the animals in his care face a very uncertain future.
Jessy’s latest plan to secure an advertising account, with one of the toughest female CEO’s in the city, requires her to find a bunch of homeless animals, fast.

He has animals in need of homes, she needs animals for her campaign. There’s only one problem…they can’t stand each other. Can Jessy and Andrew stop bickering for long enough to see how much they need one another?

With a little help from a friend, and just a touch of holiday cheer, it looks like things are starting to work out, then a tragic event sets them back to square one. Jessy resigns herself to the idea of moving to Florida and working with her mother, and Andrew tries to figure out how to fit nearly a hundred animals into his brownstone townhome.

Just when it seems that all is lost, help comes from the most unexpected place…but will a gift from a guardian angel be enough to get Jessy and Andrew out of the mess that they’ve created?

Find out in this warm fuzzy tale of the magic of Christmas!

“Hallmark movie indeed. I’m going to email them myself and suggest this book as the basis for a Christmas movie. It would be perfect. In fact, it would make a great Hallmark series so the author better get busy writing! Loved Jessy and Andrew and hoping to see more of them in future books. The stage has been set for an ongoing story and developing relationship. ..” ~ Amazon Reader