Party Central by Mandy Lawson

Lora Kate London has had a string of meaningless jobs and she's finally ready to make something of herself. Her roommate kind of bailed on her and she may have to give her coffee maker a funeral. But there's one person she can always count on, her best friend Sam Bridges. They've been friends for five years and she's his number one. L.K. lands a job as a party planner with a boss that is so hot he makes her melt right into her Jimmy Choos, but Sam doesn't trust him. At her first party, she ends up forgetting the cake and accidentally flashes the caterer! Luckily, her boss, Ben Sparks, thinks she's adorable. He buys her presents and gives amazing kisses, but things get a little dicey when Sam starts dating her new roommate. She might be a little jealous, but she shouldn't be. She has a hot boyfriend and Sam's just her best friend. Right? Who will capture L.K.'s heart? Bestie? Or Boss Man?

“The fact I wanted to give Party Central six stars but couldn't, should tell you all you need to know. I cannot remember a book, that's had me smiling when I've been reading it, virtually all the way through and smiling when I'm just thinking about reading it. The characters are well written, entirely believable. I know / have known a few Lori Kate, Sam and Ben types and that's what makes this book so great, the characters are completely relatable, which makes this read so much fun. There is a good pace to the story and it really needs to be made into a movie.
So if you're looking for a great, fun, relatable read with a good pace, go grab this.” -Amazon Reviewer