Love Me by Susan Warner

Gina Kenyon has found the love of her life. She’s found a man who works as hard for his
dreams as she does for hers. But he isn’t whom she thought he was. At all.

Christopher Griggs has it all. Looks, money, power—and all the horrible relationships that come with those.
But his luck is at its highest when he meets Lacey. A woman who knows nothing about him or how much he is worth.
But how long can he keep her in the dark?

When Gina disappears, he’ll have to find her and win her back. Will Gina be able to accept the real-life he leads
and the role she would have to play?

If you like a rich, down-to-earth hero and a heroine who couldn’t care less about his money,
you need this read in your collection

“Great second chance romance” – Amazon Reviewer