Blazing Hot Christmas by Beth Beaumont

I love men, but I don’t need one in my life. I know how to be happy, even when I’m single.
Then along comes this smokin’ hot fire fighter, who rocks my world.
Is he a player? Or is there something I don’t know?
If he’s playing games, he’s gone, because I don’t share.

I’ve been burned by so many chicks. My heart has gone up in flames more than once.
But then I meet this amazing woman, who tries her best to hide who she is from me.
I have to break through her hard candy shell, because I know how sweet she can be…when her guard is down.
I’m going to give her a Christmas she’ll never forget…
If I can make her trust me.

Blazing Hot Christmas will set you on fire.
Give yourself the gift of the perfect Alpha Male, BBW, Romance Novella that you’ve been looking for.
The instant attraction and smokin’ hot love scenes will leave you begging for more!

“Holy smokes and Hotness this short story freaking rocks and omg the sex scenes are absolutely fantastic. Love Colt and Holly!” ~ Amazon Reviewer