Acadia's Law: Book 1, Undying Love Series (A Zombie Apocalypse Romance) by Tracy Ellen

Airports, Mall of America, hotels – the sickness is spreading fast across the Twin Cities area. Can anyone survive long against a pandemic of crazy infected predators, or is this the beginning to the ending of the human race?

Acadia King is about to answer those questions, and discover her inner warrior because her simple plan to hook up with a stranger at a hotel bar for a night of mindless pleasure just got complicated. Not only is Acadia inappropriately attracted to the decidedly younger, gorgeous Rod Ramaldi, but the hotel is host to much more than a fun Casino Night.

As the infection spreads, the hotel bar erupts into a savage battleground that has nothing to do with women cat-fighting to win the charming Rod's sexual favors, and everything to do with the sickness turning ordinary people into murderous crazies.

Overnight, the pandemic tears loose our thin veneer of civilization. Threatened on all sides, Acadia is determined to protect her family and friends at all costs. But the infected are not the only war Acadia will have to battle against. When greed, betrayal, and lawless chaos start to rule, Acadia learns being a badass woman is one thing, but does she have the skills and strength to be the leader their small band needs to survive? Or will it cost more than she has to give? A gripping, exciting first book in a 5 Stars Series!

*Acadia’s Law is meant to entertain adult audiences.

“If you are a fan of The Walking Dead then you should really enjoy this book.” — 5 Stars CThrasher, Stephanie's Book Reports Blog

“The epitome of a great zombie apocalypse novel!…I loved so much about this book. The storyline. Our strong female lead. Our hero who is much more than he seems on the outside…highly recommend!”–5 Stars Christy Wilson, Christy Herself Blog

“Acadia's Law by Tracy Ellen has an awesome storyline that will keep you flipping the pages. Can't wait for the next one!” –5 Stars A. Brantley, A Girl and Her Kindle Blog

“Great read…I found Rod to be more WOW than at first, As I continued to read this story he became more of a knight in shining armor to this reviewer.”–5 Stars babyssmile, Book Enthusiast Blog

“I loved it!…Rod's constant teasing of their sexual tension was fun and I cannot wait to see this relationship develop.” 5 Stars 13aprils, Once Upon a Coffin Blog