A Series of Moments Trilogy Box Set by M.L. Broome


?From the Moment We Met (Book 1)⁣

I’m hosting a self-imposed pity party. The reason? I've been robbed—of my dignity, my acting career, and my award statuette. I have my ex-girlfriend to thank for this debacle. Victoria is a world-famous singer who sank her claws not only into my skin but also my acting reputation. Now, I've got one goal—repair the damage and get my life back. ⁣

The one thing I didn't count on in my return to Hollywood? Lilly Staver. That woman can burn me with her glare and melt me with her touch. She's the one distraction I can't afford, but the heart wants what the heart wants. And I want Lilly. ⁣

?Unguarded Moments (Book 2)⁣

I knew Jacob Edmonton would break my heart. But I fell in love, anyway. Apparently, I fell in love alone. When he was given a choice between our fledgling love affair and a blockbuster movie role, you can guess which one emerged the winner. I didn't stand a chance. Not between the beckoning of Hollywood's bright lights and Victoria's determination to win back her man. ⁣

At least he’s thousands of kilometers from my side—filming on the pristine beaches of Greece. He started calling me again. He wants to be friends…and more. The man has a million promises, but he's also a world-class actor. I fell for him once, but I won't fall again, no matter how much my heart aches for Jacob. ⁣

?Beautifully Broken Moments (Book 3)⁣

Victoria: ⁣
Yes, I did it. Do you think I’m sorry? I planned out every last detail and upended Jacob and Lilly's relationship with a single statement. Did I mention it was on international television? How wonderfully naïve; they thought I'd leave them to their happiness.⁣

Despite my selfish conquest, I didn't expect the tragedy that occurred afterward. None of us did. I wanted Lilly gone, but not in this manner. Now, Jacob is more determined than ever to remain by her side. I'll have to pull out all the stops to reclaim what's mine…regardless of the price Jacob and Lilly will have to pay. ⁣

“Emotional, Ups, Downs. Absolutely Loved It.” ~Amazon Reviewer