Smokey by Erin Trejo

Book 1 in the Soulless Bastards MC So Cal Chapter series

Book 1: (Smokey) When they took the only things I cared about, I vowed to seek revenge. When I took Bray, I thought that would be the end of what I was feeling. I was wrong. When it's time to send her back, broken, I find myself torn. What's right? What's wrong?

Book 2:(Draven) I knew there was a rat in our club. The obvious choice was the new girl. So I do what I do. I made it hard for her to live in my presence. I forced her until she broke. When her past comes out, I find myself on edge. She wasn't what I expected but she is what I want. Even though I have to let her go.

Book 3:(Ruger) They all know I'm sick in the head. Or maybe this is just me. When my sister is taken, I will do anything and I do mean anything to get her back. My Prez thinks he's helping when he tosses a woman into the mix. So what she lived a past that resembles my sister's future? She's never dealt with a man like me. Not that it matters. She tests my patience but when she falls into the hands of the enemy? I will whatever I have to make sure I save them both.

Book 4:(Crow) I was lost in a world that I never wanted to be in. I was tired and at the end of my rope. When I met Lyric, we were both at our lowest. She gave me the love I needed and I gave her the love she deserved. We found comfort in each other but that isn't enough. I know where I belong and it isn't on this earth. Now I just have to make the choice. Stay with her? Or go on my way?

This is an extremely intense series!!! Every book grabbed my heart and squeezed the living Hell out of it!
Happy reading : )- Amazon Reviewer