RESCUED BY A KISS by Colleen Mooney

Book 1 in the The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles series

All the fun of Mardi Gras—without the hangover!
New Orleans is a big, small town where everybody knows someone you know. They will see what you do and talk about it. It’s hard to steal a kiss at Mardi Gras and not be the topic of local gossip, especially if the man you kissed got shot at the end of the parade…

Colleen Mooney’s humorous, romantic, delightfully meandering cozy mysteries gua-ran-tee you gonna have a authentic N' Awlins experience, dawlin’! And a wild ride into the bargain.

Brandy Alexander’s the real deal–yes, that’s her real name and she’s not even a stripper, she’s an amateur sleuth, although her best friend Julia is.

Quirky characters are the norm in a town like New Orleans where anything can happen.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great story, set in a marvelous city!
January 7, 2018
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase-Amazon Review
What a fun and exciting story. It fits perfectly in our fun and exciting city – NOLA. Even for people who've never been to New Orleans the feel of the city comes through the pages and bursts brightly into view.

Brandy Alexander is a terrific character (not to mention having a story behind her name) who finds herself swept up in the chaos and semi-insanity of a Mardi Gras parade mystery. No shrinking violet, she grabs the opportunity to help a stranger and, like a Schnauzer with a bone, doesn't let go until she gets what she wants…answers to questions she couldn't have imagined would have to be asked.

The costarring characters are so true to real New Orleans characters, it will make everyone want to come and explore the city and its diverse culture.

Colleen Mooney's writing is very readable. She injects just enough local turns of speech to make it seem as though you are sitting on a bench in Jackson Square being told a tale of someone's exciting, and a bit scary, weekend adventure.

I can't wait to read the next one! – Amazon Review