NoBODY: #1 in the Crystal Cave Novella Trilogy by Susan Wittig Albert

Book 1 in the Crystal Cave series

Ruby Wilcox (owner of the Crystal Cave, Pecan Springs’ only New Age shop) has always tried to downplay her psychic gift—until she experiences a horrifying nightmare that just won’t stop. Again and again, she dreams that a woman is abducted on the hike-and-bike trail and knows that the victim is in deadly danger.

Prodded by her friend and partner, China Bayles, Ruby goes to the police—only to find that her dream has already become far too real. Police chief Sheila Dawson puts Detective Ethan Connors in charge of this no-body case. But Connors is a skeptic who is convinced that all psychics are frauds. And Ruby herself still has plenty of doubts. What will she have to do to prove to Detective Connors—and to herself—that her gift can be trusted?

Ruby has always known that she has a rare gift for seeing things that others can’t. But how can she learn to use it when she’s haunted by the memory of loss, and by all the possible consequences?

“We always knew Ruby Wilcox was an interesting friend and partner to China Bayles. Now we get to see Ruby star in her own mysterious adventures as her psychic personality helps her solve crimes. This first novella in the series is intriguing, believable, and features characters we love from China’s mysteries. Cannot wait to read more of Ruby’s stories.”–NetGalley Reviewer