Lady in Red by Stacy Claflin

Book 9 in the An Alex Mercer Thriller series

She appears only at night, watching and waiting…

When local children begin to vanish, Officer Alex Mercer is positive the cases are tied to recent threats against his family—especially since the first girl to go missing is his best friend’s daughter.

It all ties back to Alex. He’s sure of it.

The only solid link to the missing kids is a mysterious woman in a red dress. But that isn’t enough to go on, and Alex has orders to focus on another case. As if that will stop him.

While working off the clock, he stumbles upon something so chilling it finally provides the proof that he was right all along: the kidnappings are part of an elaborate worldwide scheme.

Alex will stop at nothing to take down the dangerous criminal empire… if they don’t end him first.

“This was a heart-pounding, take your breath away story.” -Amazon Reviewer