His Heart by Laney Powell

Book 1 in the Broken Falls Ranch series

Just when I thought being wounded in action is the worst thing that could happen, my wife decides that she didn’t sign up for a life with an ex-Navy SEAL. So when my CO visits me in rehab and pitches me on a chance for a new start in the middle of Nowhere, Montana, the thought of big skies and rushing rivers is just what I need to reboot my life as a middle-aged bachelor.

Broken Falls Ranch sounds like a perfect fit for a broken-up, broken-hearted guy like me.

When Carissa Morrison comes to the ranch to help out the owner, old Freeze Buckley, she’s like a light shining through the darkness. She’s beautiful, strong and she’s determined to stand on her own. The chemistry between is like lightening. But just like those electric strikes, they illuminate everything that makes us wrong for each other.

Carissa is the most stubborn woman I have ever met. She’s also a terrible cook, in addition to being fresh off a horrible break-up of her own. Turns out she’s pretty broken too.

Old Freeze insists that Broken Falls is the place for vets like me to find ourselves again, but finding Carissa seems like just the thing to heal us both.

This is a really great read that will draw you in from beginning to end! It is emotionally deep, well written, fast pace, funny, witty, moves at a brisk pace, and is very enjoyable. The characters are likeable and the chemistry between them is instant and blazing hot! – Amazon reviewer