Hellborn by Lisa Manifold

Book 1 in the Deadwood Sisters series

Learn the truth. Break the curse. Kill the demon. Just an everyday to-do list. Oh, and play welcome wagon to the necromancer who just moved in down the road.It's been over one hundred years since my Granny made a deal with a demon that sent a pair of souls to Hell. Unfortunately for the demon, he didn't check the receipts and ended up escorting the wrong souls to eternal damnation. So imagine my surprise when he realizes his mistake, and shows up on my front lawn demanding his ancient contract be fulfilled. Doesn't seem to matter that Granny's wheelin' and dealin' days are gone. This demon wants payment and he wants it now – any descendant will do.So it's up to me: Learn the truth. Break the curse. Kill the demon.

“This book was the best escape I have found in a long time! It dragged me in immediately and I could not put it down! I would recommend this to everyone!” – Bill Sherwood (Amazon Reviewer)